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RSS feed for site

This is a request to have a RSS feed for This would help me and many others with keeping track of new software releases.

Currently I rely on either our subject matter experts, or RSS feeds of your forums and wikis for mew software announcements. But you have so many products I cannot maintain and monitor RSS feeds for everything. A single RSS feed for the "New + Updated" section on would be a great way to track changes.

Manually checking this website is not a good use of my time either, and the CONNECTION Client only shows updates for what is installed on the computer. This is not useful for me as a software admin. I need notification of all software that has new updates, not just for the software installed. I am not a user of the software, so I rarely have all software installed at the same time. I only install for testing before packaging in SCCM.

Please consider this for future enhancements

  • Guest
  • Feb 22 2022